About This Blog

About This Blog

Like most people, I have spent much of my life working, watching other people working, or thinking about working.  This has led to a fascination with what people do in their working lives, how it gives them meaning and satisfaction, and how it makes the world a richer (not just financially) place.

I’m inspired by people that achieve great things, that do things in their own way, that display incredible skill, creativity or innovative spirit, or that genuinely care about helping others.

I’m intrigued by the massive changes in the world, particularly through technology and globalisation, and what they mean for how people work.

I’m also worried, about the growing number of people that don’t see any opportunity to add value in the world.  Society’s well-being relies on us addressing this challenge.

I believe that work is a topic that needs engaging with, hence creating this blog.  I’m certainly not alone in recognising this – so I thank in advance all those whose ideas I’ll be reflecting on.

What This Blog Isn’t

Though this blog will no doubt reflect my thoughts and experiences, and will hopefully come across as sincere, it isn’t going to consist of me venting about problems at my current or past employers, or disclosing my own personal problems in embarassing detail (not even my friends want to endure that!).

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